I'm a copywriter, content creator and social media manager with experience in SEO copywriting, e-commerce management & digital marketing for small businesses & startups in the fashion, lifestyle & food industry. 

Whether you just started a business, or you would like to improve your business' online presence and reach your target audience, I would love to help you! Have a look at my services, my business packages & my portfolio to get an idea of what I do. Why not discuss your goals and aspirations over a coffee?

In Greek mythology, Calliope is known as the muse of epic poetry, associated with the beauty of the written word. She is the goddess of eloquence, whose name means "beautiful-voiced". It is sometimes said she was Homer's muse when he wrote the Iliad and the Odyssey. 

Tell me, o muse .... 

recent projects

Calliope Creative Studio has created content for a wide selection of businesses and brands. Find out more about my projects here.

my work for 
Mrs Bouquet

my work for 

my work for 
Muru Jewellery


Copywriting & Content Writing

SEO copywriting, blog posts,  optimised content for landing pages, product descriptions, e-newsletters, press releases, banners ...


Social Media Management

Let me help you develop your brand's identity, build brand awareness and increase engagement across your different social media channels.


Business Packages

Designed for businesses that want to improve their brand awareness and give their online presence a boost, these offer a mixture of copywriting & social media content creation.


what people are saying

"We work with Chloe for a variety of copywriting projects including blog posts, press releases and product descriptions. She is great at adapting her writing to suit our customers and brand voice and regularly creates insightful copy that not only engages customers but boosts sales"

Phil Barnes - Muru Jewellery

"We have been working with Chloe for a while now - she is a valuable addition to our company and I can absolutely recommend her! The contact is smooth, she has been very enthusiastic from the start and knows how to convey this in the articles she writes. She does a lot of research and has a very extensive knowledge. At this moment, she manages our blog independently and takes care of various things for us in the field of copywriting, research and improving our online visibility. Her explanation is clear and she knows what she is talking about."

Sylke Kempe - Let's Dough It!

"For La Eva Store I have been working with Chloe for a while. She has written several blogs for my website and every story is beautifully phrased. She really takes you along in her adventure when you're reading her blog. I enjoy working together and I would recommend her to everyone! The contact via email is pleasant and she's really valuable to my company." 

Merel Kannegieter - La Eva Store

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